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Some of the features of NurseTracker include:

  • The tools allow you to monitor and track hundreds or even thousands of nurses through legal processes, testing and certification and tracking licensures. The database allows for quick retrieval of nurse records, and single and cumulative stats and expenses for your entire project or a single nurse.
  • Detailed immigration status and financial status reports show how well an individual nurse or group of nurses is meeting pre-determined benchmarks.
  • The system allows users to track critical filing and expiration dates related to required tests and form filings – CGFNS, English language exams, INS form filings, etc.
  • Multiple user roles allow for nurses to view and modify their own information. Attorneys can update the nurses’ progress, or an outside agency can enter and modify information related only to them.
  • The eNewsLetter system will keep all your nurses, staff and outside vendors appraised of current status on projects, opening or events.
  • An easy to use Dashboard allows even the most novice user to upload photos and create text, and will even spell check your paragraphs.
  • The Report Generator will automatically create weekly, monthly and yearly reports from nurse data to financial totals.
  • The Query Builder allows the user to easily create and save custom queries to the database.
  • The NurseChart system allows you to keep custom notes on individual nurses as well as create a trouble ticket that will notify an associated vendor or staff member, they then can reply and take an action from your request.
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