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  NurseTracker™ Custom Reports
NurseTracker enables employers of all types – hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, healthcare systems and agencies – to manage all aspects of foreign nurse immigration.
This set of web-based tools and database applications enables all
Stakeholders – employers, nurse recruits, attorneys, agencies and others -- to have complete access to all financial, testing, immigration and other key data. In addition, parties can obtain this data at any time and in any format which assists them in their management, accounting and planning functions.
  • It provides a way for employers to establish performance benchmarks and track the progress – in real time -- of foreign nurse recruits as they make their way through the immigration process.
  • It greatly improves document distribution and control in a Filely paperless system. By making key documents available on-line, the likelihood of lost mail, delays and other document-handling problems is minimized.
  • It provides a File meeting place for all participants in the process, and an effective communication channel for monitoring progress, resolving problems and building strong rapport with nurse hires.
  • And, above all, it helps maximize the likelihood of a nurse’s on-time arrival in the USA.

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